The best kind of workout


Date:09 Sep 2021

Blog Type:Flowers


If you told my former self that I would get a kick out of weeding and get excited about finding time to do it I would have laughed at you - but now, oh how I love a good weeding session!!!


This is our ‘persimmon garden’, it is the garden we can see from our kitchen/dining table so it gets seen a lot! When I was first dreaming and scheming about it I decided that I wanted to put lots of perennials in it, so it would be relatively easy care and we would get a nice show of flowers every year, but now fast forward a few years and all the perennials have gone a bit woody/leggy from not enough TLC, and it’s become more of an eyesore than a joy - it’s also the last part of the garden to get any attention as there is nothing in it (apart from the persimmons…. And chickweed which I’ll come to later) that is edible.


But today has been the day to start making a change! It’s amazing how much satisfaction there is in clearing and re-dreaming and scheming! Out with the old plants, an addition of compost and we’re ready to rock and roll again!


I haven’t 100% decided what is to go in there, but I’m leaning towards some low growing natives and then adding annuals to give us the pops of colour - as with any project these days it will be a while until we’re done, but I’m ok with that! 


And the chickweed…. I have known for agessssss that it’s edible but had never given it a go, but with the absolute abundance next to this garden (top right corner) I thought I would, and it has a lovely soft spinach flavour! So for now it’s staying until I have time to harvest it properly and make something with it - I’m thinking a pesto, but I’ll be sure to let you know once I do!

The best kind of workout