The Garden Of Neglect

Gardener:McLittin's Garden

Date:19 Sep 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

So this year I am trialling something that is totally different to how I have gardened before. You see I am a neat and orderly kind of person who thinks everything should have it's place however one of biggest gardens this year will reflect our current state which is a little bit of chaos. 

We recently cleared this bank and others of wolly nightshade, banana passionfruit and some other weedy looking scrub plant that had totally taken over. Now all we have is bare soil and in Northland this is not great as a lot of moisture is lost. 

Already the weeds are starting to pop up so I figured this year while we don't have our home on site, we will embrace the chaos. 

I have sown a whole bunch of wildflower mixes and edible flowers as well as sunflowers to bring in the bees. I've chucked some rows of corn in but the thing I am most exicted about is random vegetables. I have loads of silverbeet, beetroot and carrot seeds which always seem to expire before using them all so they will be randomly planted direct all over the place. If they grow it is a win. If not, no harm. 

I do remember when we were young, my stepdad at the time decided to turn the whole back yard into a vege patch. He hoed all the land and planted row upon row of veges. He soon lost interest and the wild flowers and weeds took over. For several years we were able to hunt in the tall weeds and find carrots as well as other goodies. 

The intention here is that once this is all planted, it is up to nature to do it's thing. With no water on site, we are totally at the mercy of nature however I also believe that plants generally want to grow and if they make it past they slugs and get established while there is still rainfall, they will have a good chance. 

The Garden Of Neglect