The gift of growing


Date:21 Oct 2021

Blog Type:Mini Challenge - GROW TO GIVE

There's an organisation in Invercargill called 'South Alive'. They are an awesome group of people and volunteers based in South Invercargill, who organise everything from; events for children in school holidays, safety days, hold community and workshop days, village markets, free entertainment, to donating food packages.

Heres some extracts from their Facebook about page;

'The South Alive project is an Invercargill City Council and Venture Southland backed initiative which is charged with helping the southern suburbs of our fair city fulfill their untapped potential'

'Our goal is to see South Invercargill and its residents to aim high, reach further and indentify ways is making real, lasting improvement for all'.

They also have a community garden and fruit and nut orchards dotted around South Invercargill!

Earlier in the year I have them some seedlings for their garden, and they were so happy I thought of them. So I have decided that's where the extra seedlings will be going - sorry family and friends!

For me, growing to give means really that. People will learn with help from the lovely volunteers in the community garden how to grow their own food, how to care and nuture the plants, learn how much money you can save by growing your own, and not to mention the health benefits!

My biggest hope though is - that it ignites the spark for just one person to go home and start their own vegetable garden, that would make me do a happy  dance!

And who knows, when I have more time on my hands they may gain a volunteer too!


The gift of growing