The joys of the Seed!


Date:22 Feb 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables

As a part of the previous years Spring Gardening Challenge I received a packet of these Yates Baby Brinjal Eggplant seeds - but got them too late in the season to give them a go - this year they were right on the top of the seeds I wanted to plant for summer - especially now that we have a glasshouse, and they're absolutely fab!

It's the first time I have tried growing eggplant and there is no goinf back - I love these for thier size - absolutely perfect for slicing up and adding to the BBQ for dinner, and it was amazingly creamy!

This year we’ve grown 4 plants, I’m already planning for more next year!

Thanks Yates for introducing me to these! If I wasn't given the seeds in the beginning I don't know how long it would have been before I have growing eggplants a go!

The joys of the Seed!