The last of the winter garden gifts....

Gardener:Gardening with the Dillons

Date:11 Sep 2021

Blog Type:Mini Challenge - Meet the Neighbours, Vegetables

While I obsess over all the lovely summer seeds I have to plant, and I can't forget our winter garden is feeding us. 

Loving our sprouting broccoli, cheddar cauliflowers, mini cabbages and oh so sweet baby carrots.  The surprise trial this winter was the Broccoflower from King Seeds, which I think is also Romanesco Broccoli. Apart from being a truly stunning addition to the winter garden as it evolves and emerges from it's leaves really quickly - one moment you think nothing is happening and then the magic begins! I highly recommend it for something different - and if you want your kids to eat their greens, this one was a winner with my two because it was so pretty!  Go figure!

It's a surprisingly tasty vegetable, leaning towards the Cauliflower than Broccoli, but definitely a blend of the two.... Tonights picking went into a Veggie bake with some early Spuds (yusss!!! my homegrown spuds!)....  I think every home gardener should give this a try in their veggie patch - and best part - you can be sowing now! Yay!    Are you growing anything a bit different in your garden?

The last of the winter garden gifts....