The little backyard garden that could.....

Gardener:Gardening with the Dillons

Date:09 Dec 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

From the little backyard garden in Tawa.....I have this lush, veggie full, garden.

This space is maybe 10metres from the patio, and once was the start of a steep bank. To have a veggie garden here, and a lovely space with my Big Blue glasshouse, is so amazing.  

Beyond that fence that is growing Beans and Peas is our home, a trampoline and all the things that come with a suburban backyard.

I like to call this veggie garden area, my happy place. When I'm here the kids know I'm gardening and enjoying time doing things I love beyond all the family things I love.

The garden is BOOMING.

Sunflowers pushing up for a fabulous display nearer to Christmas.

Zucchini doing it's thing.

Peas in abundance.

Some Beans climbing fences, and some suffering to snails!

Corn tall and showing promise. 

Red Cabbage...sigh...caterpillars pulled off daily

Tomatoes - inside and out are doing amazing.

Lettuces picked daily

Rainbow carrots are insanely huge....they will be picked this weekend

Sprouting broccoli looking awesome....and no caterpillars or aphids - thank you Calendula

Even in a tiny suburban backyard garden like ours you can grow plenty, and easily feed your family (and probably your neighbours if you over plant like me! 🤣) with a little clever use of space.

My favourite space saving tips:  Growing Zucchini up stakes saves room. Beans and Peas growing up the back walls. Lots of things grow in pots and you can move pots with the weather - especially in Wellington! Grow dwarf varieities of veggies - they grow in pots easily and a quicker growing season so you can keep sowing and growing them!   

Best thing about this season for me - meeting all my new Garden friends here in the Yates community of course....and the building of Big just makes my garden unique, and mine and a joy to be in every time I walk into the backyard!  

Happy Friday Friends!

The little backyard garden that could.....