The Messy Garden Challenge

Gardener:McLittin's Garden

Date:10 Nov 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables

In response to Jen's challenge here is our garden of chaos. 

While it may not look that pretty I am excited about it. As we are building we don't yet have nice raised gardens but I wanted to make the most of a bank we had.

Rather than where's Wally. You can think of this as where's the vegetables!

There are pumpkins, tomatoes, beans, zucchini, carrots, silverbeet, beetroot, corn, Jerusalem artichokes (thanks to Jen), watermelon, wild flowers, sunflowers, feijoa, lemonade, lemon, lime and probably so other things too. 

Oh and there are weeds. Lots and lots of weeds. 

They are all growing nicely together so far and seem happy. The only thing with this garden is that we have zero access to water and it's the sunny north. It will be entirely at the mercy of the weather.

The Messy Garden Challenge