The secret weapon

Gardener:The flower lady

Date:19 Sep 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

The secret weapon works and many may not see a flamethrower in the garden as a useful tool , but I am hoping it wrork on the mullein which is attempting to take over the orchard , I know its used in medicinal treatments of coughs sore thoats and other ailments , but if I am honest its a pest here a true definition of a weed being a plant in the wrong place , and each flower head will hold 1000s of seeds causing the problem , I missed my window to pull them out due to my health and wow did they take the oppotunity , I will add a pic once I do an orchard blog .

I also spent a good couple of hours potting on seedlings 104 zinnias 60 odd dahlias more to come , courgettes lots for the farmers market and lots for us , must get those trial rows sorted .

The toms egg plant and swan plants are just not quite there yet but I have bought them out of the glass door old fridge cuboard so the don't lean over searching for the sun .

As I am sure alot of you can relate , space is becoming a premium and the shuffle is real but its all worth it .

And any ideas on this crazy being , Scotty says its a snail that got to big for its shell , at first glace I thought it was 2 slugs procreating very interesting but I know for sure it will not be doing any more damage in the our garden .

The secret weapon