The Shed The Neighbors Helped Build

Gardener:McLittin's Garden

Date:03 Oct 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables

Our garden shed arrived at Bunnings two weeks late. Lucky as it turns out the earthworks guy needed to remove a metre of the concrete pad right where I was going to put it.

So the job this weekend was to put it up. The video said about 4 hours to assemble.  Yeah right. Took Rochelle and I a good solid 8 hours just to make up 4 walls and it was backbreaking work. Could hardly walk last night.

So today the plan was to get the neighbors to help put up the four walls and then worry about the roof next weekend. One of our neighbors used to be a professional roofer and he was more than happy to help finish the project. What a difference it made. What would have taken another 8 hours was finished in 3.

Our little community is so cool. Rural life is awesome. 

It was great to get some sun in Northland this weekend.  The plants loved it and we even managed to get a swim in. Finally feels like summer is on the way!


The Shed The Neighbors Helped Build