The things I get hubby to do....


Date:07 Feb 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables

 I spent most of the day in the garden yesterday - planting seeds, pricking out seedlings and feeding and weeding my garden.

Today we headed out to my brother in laws farm and collected some sheep manure from under his woolshed.

It wasn't so bad for me shoveling it into the wheelbarrow, as I didn't have to bend much being five foot not much (plus I was on childminding so got out of most of it), but my poor just over 6 foot hubby will have a sore back in the morning no doubt! Must be love haha!

The kids were not in the slightest interested in helping at that end - far to busy eating the snacks we packed for them! But they got stuck in helping once we got home, shovelling it onto the garden.

We are super lucky to have access to gardeners gold like this, and even more lucky to get it for free. The vege gardens are going to love the manure, especially the newest vege garden that needs a lot more goodies in it yet to be at its best soil wise.

I hope you all had a fantastic long weekend :)

The things I get hubby to do....