...there's always Radishes

Gardener:Gardening with the Dillons

Date:12 Oct 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables

Weird weather looks to be the trend in our gardens. The day started sunny but chilly and by mid afternoon the kids were playing on the lawn layered in hail......and I smiled, thankful I'd learnt something from a few years of gardening - don't plant out too soon....

But outside in the garden beds, I have Radishes, amongst other goodness. Happy being plump little happy things showing me that things keep on growing even against the odds!   I will say these Radishes were planted in a new space and are doing waaaayyyy better than their usual spot. I decided to underplant radish under garlic and these guys are growing huge and so happy - there's also a sprinkling of Oriental Spinach and they seem to all like each other. The Spinach is gorgeous and so huge and glossy green too...

BEST BONUS...no sign of rust on garlic and I think in October that's when it creeped in last time.....Fingers Crossed 

I usually just plant radish and carrot together and the radish is pretty 'average'.....nothing like this new friendship between garlic, spinach and radish....

I quite like this new planting friendship. I guess in December we'll workout if the garlic likes it.... but I'm good with surprises! 


 ...there's always Radishes