Things we can control and things we cant .

Gardener:The flower lady

Date:09 Sep 2021

Blog Type:Flowers

We have had a very windy night and I am super pleased that other than having to pick up recycling and putting the nets back on the brassicas we have no real damge , I sure hope it stays that way .

I have not done a lot in the last 2 days as at the end of last year I had all kinds of weird syptoms that lead to a diagnosis of MS in may , I got a brain scan for my 40th birthday , To say I did not see that coming is an understatement , I have to have infusions every 6 weeks and my first one the day after I felt awesome this time completely zapped , other than a bit of must do watering that was it .

This wind has me grateful that all our sheds growing spaces and animal shelters are built strong , our pine hedge always makes me nervous I really must prioritise getting them cut , its a big exspensive job but I think my nerves need it done they are making me grey .

My photinia hedge is doing a great job of curving the wind away from the rose garden in the front garden , It now has me thinking of more hedging one for the other side of the larger vege garden and one around my daughters sleep out that eventually when she flys the coop will become an eco stay , I have heaps of ake ake seedlings and loquats although I am still undecided if thats a bit to strange of a hedge , the designer in me loves the burgundy and orange with the lush tropical looking leaves , the gardener is still qestioning the idea , like I can use a hedge trimmer on the ake ake but thats not a great idea for loquats , am I fazed I dont think so , I also have a couple of quince trees to go in they are by far my fav blossom but one quince tree is enough for any neighbour hood .

I want to be at the Amberley farmers market tomorrow but the wind meh , I don't want to be out there any longer than I have to be really .

As far as gardening today I am going to pop in and grab some potting mixes and who knows what else as I am let loose in a garden center for the first time in waht feels like ages .

In the pic I added me in my mask at the infusion center in the hospital and a mask on while I traeted my skin to a lovely hydrating mask and some beautiful plumb blossom I cut to enjoy the scent is beautiful .

Things we can control and things we cant .