This time last year....

Gardener:Mrs Muddy Toes

Date:03 Oct 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

This time last year I had very small and leggy tomato seedlings and carpal tunnel surgery on my right hand. 

This past Friday I had the same surgery but on my left hand (hence one-handed typing today). But I can boast that I learnt so much from Sarah and  the wonderful community of growers last year that this time around I have lush tomato bushes and fruit forming already.

Again, I'm learning to delegate tasks in the garden to my family to do... sadly, I appear to be a micro-manager (sorry family).

Beetroot seedlings were transplanted successfully, berry bushes were fed, spent flower heads removed, seed heads collected and the greenhouse tasks sorted.

I already am itching to do things myself... it's only day two post-surgery... wish my family luck putting up with me ;)

This time last year....