Time to Plant Kumara

Gardener:Our Home Grown Journey

Date:05 Oct 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

Our kowhai has just started to flower here in Northland... Traditionally this means its time to plant kumara.  I have my slips ready to go, but I will be waiting another week or two.  Only because I still have quite a bit of veg in what's going to be my kumara bed this season!  I guess it's a good problem to have haha.

The weather has definitely warmed up here in Northland and we have still been having quite a bit of rain, so I decided to plant a few things out, which is a bit early for me, but I thought I would give a few things a go.  

I have planted out my first succession of beans and gherkins and a couple of zucchinis and a cucumber.  More carrots and corn have been sown, along with another lot of pak choi and radishes (I'm hoping to get another crop in before my summer crops take over my and garden) and I have just transplanted lots of lettuce and flower seedlings!

So who grows kumara here and when are you planning to plant yours out?

Time to Plant Kumara