Tom growth


Date:03 Nov 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables

It's another beautiful Southland day! 

I got my carrot seeds sown this morning, watered all the gardens and direct sowed some silverbeet, radish and spinach seeds.

I find I prefer to sow most things in pots then transfer to the garden (besides carrots, radish etc), as it's more of a controlled environment and I don't forget to water, like I can direct sowing!

So I thought I'd change it up, and give the crops like spinach and silverbeet a whirl at being direct sown. 

Following Sarah's last blog, I decided to have a look at my previous blogs this spring to see how my garden is looking now in comparison.

The photo is of today (at the bottom), and the other is when I got my tom's planted in the tunnel on the 23rd of October.

It's so nice to see the growth that has happened in a short time, as when you look at your garden multiple times a day it often looks the same and you don't notice these things!

The lettuces and beetroot that is almost ready need to come out though, at least the ones close to the tomatoes, some are smaller and not doing so well, so obviously getting robbed of room and nutrients.


Tom growth