Tomato techniques

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Date:19 Sep 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables

Okay leggy seedlings - I'm sure I could serve you better!

I repotted, with everything crossed, my leggy Black Krim, and decided I'd try a few seeds with a different approach just to experiment and see which does better! 

So my 'leggys' are in deeper pots about a centimetre clearance from leaves ... thanks Yates Garden Community for the tips.

This round, I'm using Jiffy peat pots with shallow fill and a seed in each. The idea - as the seedling evolves, and I get the first leaves (cotyledon ... spot the horticulture student!) I top up soil and hopefully get those 2nd leaves, the true leaves without them being giraffes and without having to repot too early, like I had to do with 'leggys'. 

A fun experiment at the very least and possibly a success and a great crop of Toms at best. Win-win. I've never had a Tomato seedling that hasn't grown tomatoes yet so let the fun begin πŸ…πŸ…

Learning as I grow 🌱


Tomato techniques