Transplant Lesson

Gardener:Homestead mama

Date:24 Sep 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables

I am a lazy gardener. Or perhaps a hopeful gardener. I'm the person that plants a tree & prays it does well - on its own - hot summers, wet winters, windy spring. "Be strong tree, grow well" I say.

Today I got outside after several days of rain. Lots of the usual flooding around our area & the ducks are having a ball in all our puddles.

I checked on my seedlings, drying out in my 'hot' cold frame, poor things. Because I was motivated to start seeds early this year (thanks to you, growing bloggers), when they germinated I wasn't sure what to do with them! Too soon for the garden? Maybe. My husband raised the frames to add some more room for upward growth. I had transplanted (first time for everything) a few sunflowers into larger pots & the difference today was amazing! (See pic)

Needless to say I was out there transplanting more things this afternoon, scrounging around for bigger pots. I did plant out some onions & cabbages into the garden, thinking/hoping they are a little cold hardy.

Anyway, I feel like I'm becoming a real gardener. Sowing seeds and transplanting to bigger pots. Who knows where this may lead ...

Transplant Lesson