Trying to get some things outside

Gardener:Ev in the South

Date:16 Oct 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

What a weather it has been! But it’s getting better in most places now 😊 My indoor plant space (aka living room) is reaching capacity and I had to start moving some plants outside. I will also ‘bee’ busy during Labour weekend and show weekend with setting up my new hive, so trying to prepare a few things ahead of prime planting out time!

We have constructed some bean teepees this year from wood cut-offs. I think these will do a better job than last year’s attempt (not mine) at a wonky rectangular trellis that ended up copping all the wind. Also, teepees supposed to look a bit untidy, so no one will notice how wonky these are :D

Trying to focus on the flowers for a bit before I get distracted by all the warmer weather vegies. All the sunflowers are outside and very happy now. Still trying to figure out what to do with my hollyhock seedlings, will need to read up on that. Will plant out dahlia tubers soon, fingers crossed I do everything right. First time dahlia growing experience – my mom gave me some tubers earlier in the year. If anyone has any dahlia growing advise, let me know!

Trying to get some things outside