Tunnel houses planted out


Date:23 Oct 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables

Today was a huge day in the garden, I got both of my tunnel houses planted out. 

In went; cucumbers, courgettes, corn, tomatoes and basil. I ended up having to pop some of my toms around lettuce and other salad crops as they aren't quite ready, I guess you could say interplanting by accident. Hopefully they will still do ok, as lettuces aren't deep rooted, and will be eaten soon enough anyway.

I have a tray of tomatoes that I couldn't fit in. I will hold onto those for a week or two, just incase some don't make it for what ever reason, then hand the rest onto South Alive.

I won't be planting out my other heat loving crops outside, for another two or so weeks as I just don't trust the weather down here!

I did make the call though to plant out all my beans, they needed to go in weeks ago! They were starting to intertwine around each other and break. So I have all my fingers and toes crossed a frost doesn't come along and destroy those. But, if it does, I still have time to sow some more.

I also got some celery and some more lettuce planted out, and have sown another few rows of carrots.

It was a beautiful day down here, and I forgot to slip, slop and wrap, even though I should know better being a trained beauty therapist, I'm a little sun burnt, whoops!

I hope everyone else is having a lovely Labour weekend so far. 


Tunnel houses planted out