Turning dreams into reality


Date:16 Sep 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables

I've been meaning to share this before now, but I've had other things to blog about and I kept forgetting!

Just before Christmas last year, my clever hubby made me this shed to put at the end of our driveway to sell our excess vegetables from the garden in. Its a dream I've had for a while, but was finally able to put it in place!

It started off super slow, as i knew it would, but with good old social media and word of mouth it got busier and busier. 

For me, its not about making money (although thats an added bonus), its about giving people who don't have their own gardens to eat fresh, home grown produce at affordable prices, and vegetbales that arent sprayed with any nasty chemicals. 

I had planned to be open through part of the winter, but my garden isn't big enough for all that winter veg, plus the break was well needed! Then covid and other life things happened so I wont be open again until at least late spring now.

I am so proud of my wee shed, and it's come so far in such a short time, and I am always thinking of ways to improve it. I have gone  away from using plastic (apart from lettuce leaf mixes), and use compostable or paper bags, I have a 'free box' where i give away all the produce that is still fine to eat but just not as fresh (i harvest fresh each day), and also sell baby indoor plants that I include a care card with those. 

I would one day love to expand, but for now with the kids it works well, as I can work around them. Plus i havent talked hubby into letting me take over some of his paddocks yet lol!

I have been overwhelmed and grateful for the support from the locals, they just love having other options to buy their vegetables from.

How lucky am I to be making a little bit of pocket money doing something i absolutely love and that fits around my family?!

Turning dreams into reality