Upcycled-Windows GlassHouse Build PT1 ....We have Lift Off!! ..

Gardener:Gardening with the Dillons

Date:23 Oct 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables

Weeeeeee.... what a day!  Happy Long Weekend Everyone...so much gardening to be done and the weather is playing it's part mostly!

Our backyard glasshouse build kicked off today. It looks awesome already. 

Ironically, the treated framing timber we had to buy to make sure this held up to the elements, and it was pricey I will say, while the windows were either nothing, or $20 ....thank you Covid for timber prices! Anyway.....the pay back for awesome veggies, homegrown, will pay back this wee investment.

Tomorrow...more windows going in, and plugging gaps with timber.....then painting - I've chosen a blue for the outside.... 

That said tomorrow is meant to rain (but no wind....Thank you Wellington - you are awesome!!), which means I'll chuck on the raincoat and plant out the summer flowers that have been hardening off outside for nearly a week... best kind of weather to be planting.. 

What did you get up to today in your gardens?

Upcycled-Windows GlassHouse Build PT1 ....We have Lift Off!! ..