Weird start to the day

Gardener:The flower lady

Date:06 Sep 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

Today started with a wee bit of dissapointment as we missed the no prep on mondays during alert level 3 opps but we kept our wee dude home cause he was sick and he was excited to see his other crew they are some of the best kids and teachers , And of course for me it would have meant the much needed head space , but we did some wee things , tenderd to our house plants first by watering then by spraying with neem oil at the possible on set of bugs I have started doing it early on in each season to prevent anything that wants to breed inside my house , over winter i also water much less some only every second week , Summer more water but some need to move from areas that get to much light when its so hot . In autum I don't do to much water if they wilt a little watch for pests .

On the pest note there have been a few white cabbage moths cruising around so I mixed up some neem oil and spayed seedlings , brassicas and roses as a detterant .

We took a bunch of compost stuff to the flexi tunnel , this was previously my Dads domain but he is in a wee unit now getting extra help and I want to do it and him proud but my Dad and I have very different views on gardening so the soil must be feed with loads of oganic goodness and so much moisure put back in , the last few days I have been giving it a good hour water each day to start its full of weeds but watering first not only makes it easier but any thing that drops seeds with germinate faster making a quick hoe over gets rid of them pretty easy , even though some will be paths they will come up much slower in bark and I have purchased a secret weapon I am yet to use to share later on .

And both my kids hung out picking flowers today which does't happen much and Lib put together this bouquet (in pic ) Im so proud she even took a bit of direction which was a pretty cool feeling for this mumma bear , and just a wee brag I got to train a florist in their level 2 floristry studies who did 40 hours over a couple of months which was amazing to feel so validated for being self taught .


Weird start to the day