Welcoming summer


Date:29 Nov 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables

I'm over due for weeding and seems like I only done it yesterday. Carrots are going great in the raised beds but seems my purple carrots have taken a hit with some little white critters causing the tips to start curling. Most of the purple carrots have started going to seed. Corn is still doubling in size, chickens have stripped my silver beet to bare stalks but on the bright side my crop cover hoops have finally arrived so that should help solve that problem. Seems my efforts of slug and snail collecting has slowed them down but still more to get looking at the holes in my bean leaves. What I thought were cauliflower look more like cabbages, I really need to work on my labelling hahaha Garlic looks like one of the better lots I've grown and tomatoes are starting to flower. I'm not sure how heirloom tomatoes grow but they have got more than one main shoot, anyone able to tell me if this is normal for them, it was a mix Yates pack. Happy gardening and summer days

Welcoming  summer