What a score!


Date:04 Oct 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables

I have been looking for a stainless steel sink and bench for a long time. The ones I've found at a reasonable price have never been local or too pricy for what I was wanting to pay.

I haven't searched for a while, but happened to log into Facebook, and what popped up on marketplace was this! And at $40 is an absolute steal!

We picked it up last night, and by the sounds of it I was very lucky to secure it, as they have had over 20 people interested in buying it, in the space of a short time!

My plan is to use it outside in the garden of course, to wash vegetables and gardening gear save bringing the muck inside.

Unfortunately for hubby, he has another job to build it on something so it's freestanding. I will get a big tub or something to pop under the sink to catch the water and then re-use the water in my garden.

Happy days!

What a score!