What a week

Gardener:The flower lady

Date:24 Sep 2021

Blog Type:Mini Challenge - Plan for Success, Vegetables, Flowers

What a week its been first up was time for shearing and those little sods gave me the run around for 2 hours before the shearer got here and another 40 mins with his help , but all done and now I have a good amount of wool to use for the new mixed hedge I intend to plant .

Next we had a nice wee clutch of chicks hatch and time to teach the wild kitten who has grown up with the chickens that the little chicks are not food , we feed it twice a day so I am hoping it gets the gist quickly .

Then a suprise lamb I thought we were done with lambing , a sweet wee white girl to join the mixes .

Soooo many things are being potted on and I finally got my covid tracer sign in thing so when I decide to sell from home I am following the rules .

Jamison had fun making eco leaf confetti , we donated a stack of pots to a friend so she to can get potty with all her seedlings .

Hubby fixed the gate that was so hard to open and close , and although its blowing a gail he wants to put in the new row of irigation in the flower field , perhaps hes sick of the same old answer of I can't plant there till I can water there , big part of planning and one mistake I have made more than once , but from here on out water first then planting .

Flower fact , in the commercial growing of tulpips its common practice to pick with bulb attached and get new bulbs each year , I do not do this and the stems on some of our tulips this season are longer than I have ever seen .

And a wee funny you will enjoy , My peas are doing great in a premium spot with a climbing frame that I was certain were climbing peas , well when I went though my seeds for the third sowing this season it turns out they are dwarf and want utilise that frame at all opps , but to turn it around I have put some yates mega pod beans in behind hoping they will live in harmony.

Letting the silkie chook thats mates with the kitten come inside hoping the kitten will follow , pleased to say it was a great wee step and no poop on the floor , perhaps she could be a house chook .

What a week