Where it began (my imperialistic gardening tendencies)

Gardener:Ev in the South

Date:07 Sep 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

It’s a waiting game this time of the year, everything takes so long to get going! To make myself more motivated I’ve been looking at the old photos (attached bellow) from last year. My main garden area is pictured as it is now in the main blog photo. It was an overgrown, general shrub area when we first moved here in May last year. We cleared it and turned it into about 16 sq meters of vegie garden. I had real trouble fitting everything into that!

This spring it got extended to 35 sq meters and we have also cleared an old greenhouse area (sans glass) which will fit just over a dozen tomatoes. We rent from family and wanted to help clear overgrown parts of the section anyway, so it’s a bonus that we can grow vegies here.

As you can see, the main setup is just a big semi raised bed with higgledy-piggledy walkway and border, crafted over winter by yours truly. Although it looks like one enormous garden bed it does have crop rotation going on.

So this is the story of my main vegie space. Because I can never have enough, I have many more random spaces including growing bags for cucurbits and berries and random corners with a few dozen pea plants. You have to get crafty when spaces are limited :)

Where it began (my imperialistic gardening tendencies)