White butterfly catchers


Date:30 Oct 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables

I spotted the first dreaded white butterfly today, so gave the kids a tennis racket and sent them to it! 

I'm not sure they got any, but they had great fun trying! I was even going to bribe them with 50 cents per butterfly, but I didn't have to, so will keep that one up my sleeve for when it's not as fun anymore haha! 

Although, I think they might have to put their order in with Santa this year for a net each, as it might save a few plants getting hit! And I did explain to them it's only the white butterfly's we don't want in our garden, incase they whack the good guys. 

I hope the butterfly's they missed go away and tell their friends not to visit our garden as there's a couple of crazy butterfly catching kids that live here!

White butterfly catchers