A change of plan...

Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:22 Dec 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

We had a slight change of plan with digging up our agria this year. Usually it's a boxing day or day after thing. This year we wanted to share it with our two grandsons. We were going to have them around after Christmas to help us with the "big dig" but they are going to be away at their other grandparents at the family farm.

So we decided to dig up the spuddies while they were staying with us for 2 nights during last week. It was so much fun. They helped pull all the foliage off and put it in a fadge to take away (we don't put potato foliage in the compost as it can infect the next years crop). 

Then Nanny and Poppa got on the spades and the boys became "spotters" and "gatherers". As always seems to happen with brothers it became a competition as to who could fill the bucket first and then whose bucket was the heaviest. We had the scales out and the maths lessons came to the fore adding up the total kilos and working out who had harvested the most.

Master 8 year old was in my team, Master 6 year old was in SH's team. Master 8 was in charge of totalling up the numbers and it worked out really well. SH and 6 got the heaviest bucket with 7.25 kilo and 8 and I got the heaviest potato at 684 grams.

All together we harvested just under 45 kilo of potatoes which are now stored away in crates in Nanny's Girl Hut for meals through the year.

To celebrate they showed off their Gym skills behind the crop.




A change of plan...