A Touch of the Blues

Gardener:Northland Backyard Gardener

Date:17 Jan 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

As you can see from the picture of the sunflower - we have blue sky today. I will admit, we did have showers earlier, it is slightly breezy, and there are a few clouds scattered around. 

The Rocky Mountain Sunflowers are out, and they are tall - around 3 metres. The only issue I have with sunflowers is that our neighbours' all get a better view. Next year, I will be putting slightly stonger stakes in for them as they are on a slight lean due to weight and wind.

While I am pretty certain our main tomatoes have blight, we are keeping it fairly well under control with regular spraying. I am only having to remove leaves perhaps once a week/or every fortnight. Because it isn't spreading quickly, it has been quite hard to determine whether we have it or not, and many times I second-guessed myself. At this stage, it isn't effecting the fruit either. I think once the main flush is done, we will pull these out to be on the safe side. The rest of them are well away from this area, and we are careful to sterilise everything afterwards (even making sure this is the last garden we go near if we are outside).

We also have gerkins starting to appear. Preserving these is new to me, but as it is something we eat, I think it will be worth upskilling myself.

Our onions are now all out and hanging in our carport. Our red onions were definitely the stars this year. The long keepers were interesting. We did have some really large ones, which we have consumed over the past month, but some struggled to bulb up, and were varying sizes. The skin is also very thin so will need to be used soon even though the tops had turned over. I suspect the rain in the last few weeks played havoc with them. Normally, around the end of December, we stop watering them as they start to bulb up. In the weekend, we decided to pull the remainder, before they started to rot. While these were in slightly raised beds, we have decided to return them to the higher-raised beds next year.

A Touch of the Blues