A Walk for Enjoyment

Gardener:Northland Backyard Gardener

Date:05 Dec 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

I've often talked about my evening meanders with hose in hand, but over the past few days, my meanders have purely been because I'm enjoying looking at the garden. With the rain, no watering has been necessary.

I actually love the garden at the moment, and get pleasure from just looking at it. Last evening, I even sat in the drizzle for a bit as it was relaxing.  And as the growth is rapid atm, it is forever changing so there is always something new to enjoy. 

By far the most significant and pleasing progress to observe is with the kumara (pic in yesterday's post). Saving the tips from last year's crop was a great way to get an early start. I'm normally only just planting out about now. Now to see how well they produce. 

Likewise, the winter tomatoes that are still producing, this is something we will continue moving forward, but we will also  add cucumbers to the mix of growing early in the porch. 

Also with a few changes here and there, the garden is certainly more productive and has that filled in bed look that I love. A bit of fishing nylon between hoop ends has meant I can grow additional crops like cucumber vertically at the side. I just have to ensure everything is accessible. We've also used fishing twine in the past along edges of raised beds for cucumbers to climb down and across. A great way to gain space.

The season hasn't completely been smooth sailing. We still have to wait and see if the onions bulb up, and I've learned to be more careful when planting out larger crops (note to self to stake them in the porch if holding off planting out so I don't break seedlings when moving them).

And in regards to changes for next year....looking at the difference between the directly sown beans, and the transplanted ones...I will stick to direct sowing. I'm thinking the same could be said for my cucumbers and sunflowers. The directly sown ones are not far off the others and in many ways, look healthier.

All in all, a pleasing season so far, with the promise of more to come....hopefully with a bountiful crop, and not more storms.


A Walk for Enjoyment