All done, but just beginning.


Date:09 Dec 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

Where did the time go?!? I got distracted yesterday and didn't put my post up, and now it's all over!

Oh well, here it is anyway... no pictures of me prancing about in the garden though!

We've had some new additions to our flock this week, with our bantam eggs hatching, they're the tiniest chicks we've ever had! A neighbor down the road gave us the eggs to put under our broody chook.

We harvested our last broccoflower, and can see that the older stems are starting to produce side sprouts, which will be tasty 😋 

And we planted out some kumara slips in an old bath, another project that the kids loved helping with! I haven't grown kumara before, so it'll be interesting to see how they go. I hope the drain doesn't get blocked up and end up waterlogged.

I've enjoyed being a part of the growing challenge, it's been inspiring to see what you have all been doing in your gardens and how you approach each challenge with optimism. I hope to carry on posting here, it's good motivation for me to do lots of weeding, so I can take nicer photos haha


All done, but just beginning.