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Gardener:Northland Backyard Gardener

Date:25 Oct 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers


After watching the sky closely over the last day and worrying a tad bit about impending storms, it seems ironic somewhat that I actually had to get the hose out this morning and water the plants. It's looked like rain here many times in the last few days, and it has poured down at work, but the clouds here are teasing me somewhat, At this stage in the game, the watering doesn’t really take that long thankfully. 

I also popped in a few sugar snap peas this morning. Now traditionally, I don’t sow peas at this time of the year. I normally sow them in autumn ready for an early spring picking. I generally find it too warm up here, and as soon as it warms up, they stop producing. My mum, who lives 5 minutes away, can however, grow them during the warmer season.

That being said – I grew tomatoes in winter – so peas this summer it is. In order for this to at least be semi feasible, I choose the back of two planter boxes that only gets partial sun. By 12, it’s in the shade. It may not work – but then again – it may. 


This evening, while I had my daily meander, I decided the star of the garden at the moment would have to be my onions (main patch). At the moment they are looking really lush. After many people struggling with onions last year due to the rain, and prices sky rocketing with them, I decided to dedicate a whole bed to them (turned out to be one and a bit beds, but I'm not complaining). There are also a few randoms in there - a beetroot seedling - not sure how that got there, and one lonely elephant garlic. It is not unusual for them to pop up in random places as the corns often get left behind, and two years later, they pop up randomly. 

I also noticed three dahlias are poking through. It always amazes me how quickly they grow once those first shoots appear. We just have approximately another 30 to emerge around the place. These ones tonight are in the rockery area (one of last night's pics, and the above pic). I also spied what I suspect to be some first year seedlings. I am happy for them to stay - as dahlia seeds don't take after the parent plant, you never know what you might get, and every so often you get a real gem.

Hubby also screwed a some stakes onto a small piece of trellis I found under the house when we were moving things to make way for the moisture barrier and underfloor insulation to go in at the start of winter. Another frame for the garden that can be moved around as needed. 

AM and PM Gardening