Another Step Closer

Gardener:Northland Backyard Gardener

Date:23 Oct 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

Today's effort makes me feel like I am almost there. Just the big garden left, and as we are still harvesting crops from there so I am happy to leave that for another week or two. By that stage I may also have a bit more room in my compost bins.

The capsicum/chilli bed, and the tomato bed are now fully prepped with numerous buckets of compost/manure added from the chicken run. The cloche has been put back on ready as a wind break. The 1 by 1m polytunnel that was over the kumara is now in the bed awaiting the jalapeños. It just fitted so I am stoked with that. I was also able to tie it to the A frame for stability which was handy. 

I also tidied up the garden in the BBQ area. This garden area has  been a hit and miss area due to the water run off from neighbour's over the last few years. It's either soaking wet, or very dry and compact. It can look amazing, or we struggle. After tidying up the spring bulbs, I was stoked to see my daisies, and sweet williams popping back up, and more lillies than ever. 

The garden is certainly starting to come alive, and once again becoming a place to meander around and enjoy. Something that we didn't really get to experience much last year. 

Another Step Closer