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Date:22 Dec 2023

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I was asked the other day for some pics of the home baking we do building up to xmas. Generally speaking, the biscuits etc are in place of our normal baking, and a lot of the treats made are extra presents for extended family, and nibbles for xmas day.  This is about half of what I normally do, as for some reason we are much preferring the summer fruits to the sweet treats this year. I think the humidity has a bit to do with that. So no gingerbread house this year.

Each day we are picking a small bowl of strawberries, blueberries and boysenberries.  As part of our xmas tradition, I set the table with a runner with decorations and candy canes and the homemaking and fruit. Each day I top up little bowls with the fresh berries (and cherries/stone fruit). Having the fruit in bowls as part of our xmas decorations has meant that everyone is nibbling on fruit all the time. It's actually quite fascinating to watch, and I don't get lots of 'what can I eat?'

Currently, it is drizzling up here, and I believe the next week has a bit of rain predicted. Thankfully between yesterday and today, I was able to get everything tidied up before it came in,  tied up and fed. While I know it won't be great for the powdery mildew, I know the garden could do with a good soaking. 

Baking etc.

Fruit cake. This is not your traditional cake but one I've been making since the kids were little and I was dairy free. It's simply fruit, ginger beer, s/r flour and I add mixed spice. My FIL is a diabetic, and with less sugar than normal, he is able to have a small portion as well.

We also have White Xmas, a favourite of mine as a kid. 

The marshmallow truffles were made with Zac's help. Hubby mentioned once that his mum use to make them before she got sick so I started making them for him.

Connor helped make the Russian Fudge, which is my brother's favourite. 

And the biscuits are just xmas tree shaped shortbread with crushed lollies in the middle made with Connor's help.

Tomorrow is meringues and lemon  curd for xmas day.

Do you have any food traditions for xmas?





As Requested