Barberton Daisy


Date:18 Oct 2023

Blog Type:Flowers

A red Daisy that grows wild in South eastern Africa was discovered in 1727 and studied in Germany, where it was given its scientific name we commonly shorten to Gerbera. This was then propagated by the Dutch into all the varients we know today, from yellows through oarve and pinks to doubles, frilled and back to reds.

I bought a plant to add yellow to the TV room one day while my wife was feeling unwell and on the couch to cheer her up. This was to match the the yellow and white theme of last Christmas. The flowers faded and it continued to grow leaves. It got moved to the toilet window sill and replaced. The new one did the same and found itself homed on the ensuite window sill. Towards the end of August, a little sulphate of potash woke them up and now they are on there 3rd flush of 3 flowers per flush each. A little late and the wrong colour for this year, so they will just stay in there places the seem to love and bring some bright yellow cheer to their spaces. 

Barberton Daisy