Beans ...getting ahead

Gardener:Gardening with the Dillons

Date:11 Sep 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

Beans last year were a bit hit and miss. Snails did not help my cause, but the weather in wellington wasn't very consistent so sowing direct never really got me great result - not even with 'Bobs' beans...  

So like everything in my garden this year - new approach and I'm growing them in the glasshouse for starters, and hopefully can get them nice and big for planting out ... these ones Italian runners I did a bit early, but on the weekend I sowed a bunch more of other varieties which should be better timed...  I'm hoping this approach and Wellington weather behaving a little might bring me success 

Yard Long Beans ๐Ÿซ˜ are my dream bean - didn't get any last year, so starting inside too .... they're more for fun because they just look so cool and you've got to have things that are fun to grow right? Anyone grown them .... I really want these to be the Summer surprise success for me this year.... (I gave up on brussell sprouts, and corn well I've sown them because I have the seeds - but I know the result already ๐Ÿ˜‚๐ŸŒฝ

Any other Wellie or similar climate growers here - when are you putting beans outside in the elements, under the watch of the weather gods?? 


Beans ...getting ahead