Beautiful First Day For The Holidays

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Date:16 Dec 2023

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Yesterday was the last day of the school year for both my boys and I (they attend the same full primary school I teach at). For Connor, it was his last day at this school as he is off to high school next year. For many parents  the end of the primary junior is a big step as you realise that your babies are becoming more independent. For me, this change will be even bigger as we won't be traveling to and from school together. A journey we've shared for 8 years. I am sure his younger brother will also find it strange to start with.  

With my husband changing jobs last year, we've actually had weekends together for the first time since my eldest was born. We try to get the balance between doing things together as a family, and catching up on things around here. Today hubby tackled the carshed, my first day of holidays has been spent continuing with my spring cleaning rounds (almost done).

In between the cleaning over the past week in the afternoons, I've pottered here and there in the garden.  We are watering every second day atm, and the ground is cracking in some places which is in complete contrast to the previous season.  The tomatoes are not far off the top of their frame  and have a significant amount of flowers coming. The kumara slips have spread and filled the surface of the  paddling pool. We are definitely ahead of previous years so will continue with overwintering some prunings again jext year. We also have a few more pumpkins forming (Orange Dawn this time). We do have a wee bit of powdery mildew forming on the lower leaves, but not as bad as what we've had in the past. I'm hoping with the frames to meander over, and being an F1 variety, we might have better results with plants not succumbing to it completely like last year. 

The only major tasks on the gardening front this weekend will be to remove the covers around the capsicums and jalapeños. They are are really good size and I'm sure not far away from flowering.

Our gherkins continue to flourish, and once I've finished cleaning the oven and the furniture is put back into the freshly washed down porch, I'm going to make my mum up a batch of refridgerator pickles.

Our berries are also taking off, and I should be able to get our first jars of boysenberry jam done this week.

And yes, those are my onions standing up. I was greeted to this view out of the blue yesterday morning. Some of the bases are started to thicken so suspecting they are going to bulb up soon. It's not all perfect though. I have had a few rot around the neck. I will keep you posted.


Beautiful First Day For The Holidays