Date:02 Dec 2023

Blog Type:Flowers

Seems all my berries are a few weeks later than last year when they ripened right on Christmas. The blackberry pictured is still in flower, the boysenberry and raspberry is abit further along with little green berries starting to grow. Today was the first day I've picked multiple strawberries from my pots, they look nice and healthy with lots of flowers so hopefully with some warmth and sun I'll have a good supply soon.

Today after work I managed to mow the lawn and plant out the last of the corn (just a few more they were backup really) and plant some more lettuce my other lettuces should be ready to pick next week. I also gave some of my garden a feed, it takes so long carrying watercans of fert down the bank that I split it into chuncks and do abit every few days.

I had they help of my 3.5yo for abit so we weeded the sandpit and picked flowers. Not bad for a few hours in the garden.