Biquinho Iracema


Date:01 Jun 2023

Last challange I did a blog about this pepper. Labaled it as a Capsicum Anuum, which, after reading more about this amazing little pepper was completely wrong. Apart from the white flowers there is no other characteristics that fit. Most Brazilian peppers are Baccatum, which it is most certainly not.

Fruitesence is the most likely choice that most tend to lean towards, but the fruit grows down and not in the leaf crown pointing up which characterises this Berry type group of peppers.

This little pepper is a Chinense. This is generally the hottest of the peppers, but this one is mild. Sitting at 500 shu makes it 1/5th of the heat of a jalapeño. Perfect for whole fresh salad ingredients. Prolific fruiter, small compact plants, very easy pepper to grow. This is perfect for the balcony, as an edible border, or a can challangeđŸ˜‚. 

I have learnt a lot about this pepper and will grow more than 1 this year. I am saving seed from the can challange and want to get a few generations of limited pot size plants for future use in the pepper in a can challange. 

Biquinho Iracema