Both tunnels almost planted out


Date:02 Nov 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

Today I got all my tomatoes planted in a tunnelhouse, they look so tiny planted up to their necks! Some seedlings are smaller than I would usually plant them but they should be OK, and if not I have plenty of spares. They are also planted in the tunnelhouse a lot later than usual.

I've labelled all my tomato seedlings and hung them at the top of the string. That way I can keep a good eye on how they perform during the growing season and cull out any we're not that fond of next season.

In my other tunnel where the cucumbers etc are I have one side that still has a row of spinach, spring onions and some silverbeet. But what's going in there is a while off being ready to plant. The watermelon are still so tiny, and I bought two rock melon seedlings to give a go and I have noticed they (currently in the greenhouse) sulk on cold mornings, so I'm not wanting to plant those yet anyway. And if space allows me I might pop some corn in there. I find corn does better in there than outside, I just have to make sure I plant them at a door end so they get a bit of wind and give them a good shake regulary. 

Some of my pumpkins and courgettes are trying to flower, so they need to get planted outside asap! And looking at the weather to come we're in for overnight lows of 4/5 degrees from Sunday that is suppose to last a wee while, so I'd like to get them in tomorrow if I can so they have a couple of days to adjust before the temps drop a couple of degrees. If I'm really worried I can cover them at night with my plastic covers. 

 Both tunnels almost planted out