Chillies like buddies too.. Well some do!


Date:06 Sep 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

One of the lessons I learned in the pepper bed last year was that the larger pepper like to be left alone and enjoy their personal space, the smaller varieties want a bubby to share the fun with. 

This is great as space is always a premium, and makes for some fun potted varieties. The 2 red cups are African Piri Piri and Yellow Birds eye and these will pair up as Piri Piri can have darker stems, green pods that can blacken before ripening to red, against the lighter green pods and leaves rippeniing to to yellow fruit.. 

The pot on the right is  a colourful trio. Chiero roxa is dark leaf, habanero shape pink to purple pods, Puerto Rican Yellow, a yellow lantern shaped pod with Blondie, a bullet shaped white pod. All are hot and full of flavour.

I will isolate individual flowers with mesch nets for seed saving, but these are very unlikely to cross pollenate.

The familiar pepper here is Piri Piri, this is the Nandos pepper, that grows wild over most parts of central and southern Africa. For the best experience of the flavour I recommend Nandos extra hot chicken in their mediterranean salad! 

Chillies like buddies too.. Well some do!