Chillis seed selection for a friend.


Date:19 Oct 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

A friend at work has asked a few times about growing chillies, he has asked advice and prep stages. He wants to grow outside and no equipment, and have given all the tips and tricks. 

Thinking he has everything sorted, and not taking up the offer of seeds or seedlings I thought everything was sorted, well no, today he asks what varieties are similar to the round red ones like cocktail tomatoes that we got back home. Hmmm there are so many varieties that fit the profile in South Africa, and me being Durban and he is from Cape Town, a thousand odd Km away makes it a bit more challaning. We did work out that he is talking about the bottled Peppadew.

So now he has some space, so wants a few varieties, but not hot and not the Piri Piri style flavour.

Starting this late in the season, we need faster growing, sweeter type, and I don't want him to fail and put him off growing. 

I sat down with a coffee and have a list of 8 for him with seeds that should be enjoyable, and grow in time for Chillies this season. 



Chillis seed selection for a friend.