Cuisine swop, slaves and Africa.


Date:18 Sep 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

1492 the first noting of the Peppers Christopher columbus brought back to Spain, where monks grew them. The Portuguese then made use of them as trade items along the slave trade route through Africa. Hence chillies from the Americas were traded for African cuisine. 

The interesting thing is the Frutescens is the most popular, and trade extended further to Goa.. But more about this next blog. 

Nandos has taken Piri Piri to the world, and Wiri Wiri, Pili Pili Mbuzi are varients of this strain of Frutescens along with the Birds eye chilli called African Devil.

North Africa and the Muslim Countries down to Ethiopia have Baklouti and Berbere, Capsicum anuum. These are used in Harissa and berbere sauce. 

Kenya has the Moshi pepper. 

The Kambuzi from Malawi has 3 colours, red, orange and yellow, and are habanero varients. 

Mozambique is home to a Baccatum pepper called Malawi picante and this pepper took the world by storm and was protected by trademarks for a while, we can now get seeds as the patent is on the bottling process. You will know these as Pepperdew or the red peppers stuffed with cream cheese at delis. 

The most prominent Peper in the pepper world will be the Fatalli. This is an important chilli as at 325k SHU, it is not a super hot, but when crossed it amplifies the heat of the cross and is instrumental in creating the super hots. It is a varients of the Ghost Pepper.

I am growing Prir Piri and Malawi Piquante as the African representatives. Piri Piri along with African Devil are the peppers I grew up with. 

Cuisine swop, slaves and Africa.