Dead heading and Grafting log 4


Date:09 Dec 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

Today was a lwan day, and dead heading so the Christmas period will have new blooms and look their best. 

I did find the start of powdery mildew on the petunia, so a good dose of copper spray on all the leaves while they were nice and dry this morning and let them dry all day. The whole garden got a Yates fish and seaweed treat late afternoon and the petunia have perked up, looking nice and bright.

The cover of the greenhouse was removed so the peppers can get all the natural light and less humidity now. They will have a normal level of moisture so the fruit develop, from January I wil introduce a little shade and they will have less water. A little stress is good for fruit development. The flavour and heat levels will go up. The baccatums wil get more than the others to keep the crisp juice nature of their fruit. 

On the grafting side, the new attempt was going well at first but as the week warmed up the temperatures in the grow cupboard was too high and the grafts wilted to much causing them to fail. I will so new seed and have an attempt in a different method. I will also try my same method again in a cooler environment. 

Happy gardening everybody. 

Dead heading and Grafting log 4