Diablo entre angeles tapas


Date:24 Nov 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers, Recipes

Or Pimientos de Padron as it is more commonly known is a dish of quickly fried peppers. I had some shishito, which are a milder version of padron. This pepper Togarashi, is one of the few Japanese peppers. Because the bottom part of the pepper resembles the face of a lion (shishi) it has since become known as the Shishito pepper. Like padron 1 in 10 are hotter, but being only 500SHU at the hottest, they are not hot at all. Lightly blistered in olive oil, a sprinkle of flaked sea salt and a great dish is created.

A few Rouge potatoes came out giving a small bag of mixed new potatoes, boiled and fried off in olive oil, sea salt, parsley, a sprinkling of leek flowers creates a version of Patatas Bravas. 

The leek flower give a gentle onion flavour that is very pleasant. I think it was Jane that gave me the idea along with a you tube video where using onion flowers was suggested too. 

Happy Friday, hope everyone has a great weekend! 

Diablo entre angeles tapas