Don't Do a Stacey!


Date:16 Dec 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

When I planted my asparagus crowns I really didn't think properly about the spot they were going to live in for the next 15-20 odd years. Nor did I realise how big the ferns grow!

Where they are is a right pain in my you know what, the ferns take up so much room and with all the wind we've had they have ended up ontop of other plants. You don't want to cut back the ferns until they die off, as that's what feeds next year's spears, so I've tied them up in a bunch to try and keep them out of their neighbours way.

Does anybody know if it's okay to move the crowns once the ferns die back?  I'd really like to put them in their own bed. 

Don't Do a Stacey!