Drizzle fest and flowers


Date:08 Nov 2023

Blog Type:Flowers

Over the last week it has been drizzling most of the time I had avaliable gardening time. It has been so wet overall that my lime tree has some dieback which I'm pretty sure is because it's roots are just too soggy. Although it does have some scale and thrips it also has lots of lady bugs so I don't want to spray just yet, I'm sure it will spring back once it gets some sun and perhaps abit of a late prune (I will use pruning paste to stop any borrer which I assume might be out about now).

A good few summer plants have curled up there toes at the last cold snap, I think I have replacements for most of them. Around the side of my house where I haven't had time to clean up much is the most magnificent self set foxglove. I thought it was many plants but after checking it seems to be one bug plant gone mad. I didn't even know that was a possibility but if I was a bee that looks like a pretty cozy buffet. 🙂

Drizzle fest and flowers