Easy does it.

Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:25 Oct 2023

Blog Type:Flowers

It's easy to overlook some of the "easiest" plants that add something special to the garden. Plants that are considered old-fashioned, a little boring, ordinary, unexciting.

I think the geranium/pelagonium is one of those underrated plants. They were big in the 1960's as a decorative bedding plant in the front garden. I remember on  the front cover of one of the really early Yates Garden Guides there was a picture of a lady which I'm sure featured geraniums in her front garden. (I'll try and find it)

But they are such an awesome plant. I planted some red geraniums in our back border in summer last year and they have been the only bit of colour that has lasted through the winter and are still going strong. The scented pelargoniums are amazing as well. I have a lemon scented one that is in the herb garden and also (pictured below) lines the path along the back of our vegie patch. When you brush past it the scent is amazing and you can use the leaves in baking and pot pourri and the flowers in salads. There are lots of other fragrances as well.

Geraniums/pelargoniums don't mind the dry, they can take a bit of neglect, love being in pots and you can take cuttings like crazy - all in all a fantastic value-for-money plant. 

Easy does it.