Ever expanding garden


Date:24 Sep 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

We've had a beautiful day to end the week after the wind and the flooding. And I spent most of it in my happy place in the garden. 

I repotted my brasiccas this morning, had just finished the last lot and I knocked the whole tray over! Luckily all but two were salvageable, so no big drama in the end.

I then had a general weed in the vege garden, fed the fruit trees and shrubs and then finally got my potatoes in.

In early autumn we made these new beds, to my amazement I was allowed to take over some of hubby's precious land! We do have plenty of room in our section, but to add any new beds would take up some of the kids space, which would mean no more family soccor and cricket matches, so we couldn't do that to them.

The rows are about 20m long and I have three of them. Half of one row is in brassicas (the rest will go in the other half), half the next row is where I planted the spuds today. And either pumpkins and/or courgettes will go in the third row in summer.

I had the brassicas covered over winter with hoops and plastic (not cheap stuff I might add), but my nemisis the wind came and ruined that. In hindsite we should have ordered lower hoops, but you live and you learn!

I would like to say I'm quite content with the growing space I have now, but I'm pretty sure I said that the last time I expanded too haha!

I hope you all had a great weekend, and you got to spend some time in your gardens too. 

Ever expanding garden