First Stawb Almost Ready!


Date:16 Nov 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

As I was planting some silverbeet and beetroot I saw a red thing in the garden beaming at me in the strawberry patch. Of course one would expect it to be a strawberry, but not I, as I only looked at them yesterday and not one of them were near being red. Investigating further, I realised it is a strawberry very near being ready!! I have no idea how I missed that as they are all new plants this year, so not that big. But I'm not at all mad about it of course. Now to try and hide it from the kids! 

I got the flowers planted I bought yesterday, and turned the soaker hoses in the flower beds against the house on, because of where they are the soil is so dry! It took some searching to find one of the hose ends, as this is the first water since summer last year and everything has grown so much.

And lastly I got the rest of the beans in. I must of miscounted how many beans I had (by a lot) when I built the structure as I have about 10 seedlings spare. I'll hang onto them for a bit just in case I lose any. 

 First Stawb Almost Ready!